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MetaSystems is an employee-owned German company specializing in automated scanning of microscopic samples, and imaging microscopy. Founded in 1986 as spin-off from the Institute of Applied Physics at the University of Heidelberg, the company started with the development of an automatic metaphase finding system. The first Metafer system was sold and installed in 1987.

Since the introduction of the karyotyping system Ikaros in 1991, a product addressing a wider market, MetaSystems grew dynamically and established its position as a leading supplier of automated imaging solutions. 1991 the Isis FISH imaging system was launched and was complemented with various software upgrades.

In early 1997, MetaSystems presented the first commercial software for filter-based 24 color FISH (mFISH) imaging. The DNA probes department was established shortly after. In March 1998 the unique high resolution multicolor banding (mBAND) technique was introduced.

With growing demand for automated cell imaging the metaphase imager Metafer was further developed to become a multipurpose slide scanning platform. With the introduction of MetaCyte (2000) a second major software module for Metafer was established. At the same time the metaphase imager was renamed to MSearch, and Metafer became the name for the scanning platform. As a third member of the Metafer family a rare cell detection system named RCDetect was added. Several products were released in the early new century, including the SlideFeeder and AutoCapt, a software for automated image acquisition (both 2002).

2009/2010 MetaSystems decided to apply its knowledge in automated slide scanning to a new market and launched VSlide, a system for automated virtual slide imaging. VSlide is based on the Metafer slide scanning platform and, thus, provides all the flexibility and performance which characterizes Metafer.

Meanwhile MetaSystems extended its probes portfolio to include whole chromosome painting probes (XCP), mouse and rat mFISH probes (21XMouse and 22XRat), arm-specific mFISH probes (XaCyte), and more. In early 2009 MetaSystems introduced a new series of locus-specific probes (XL) for use in hematology. Most of the MetaSystems probes are Analyte Specific Reagents (ASR). Analytical and performance characteristics are not established.

Our Products are:

- Automated Slide Scanning

- Karyotyping and Fluorescence Imaging

- DNA Probes

Considering the high volume of products and scientific information related to the company's products, please visit the Web site at, or  please contact vitco company to order a CD .

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