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Vitro Biopharma was formed in 1986 and originally focused on diagnostic products and services.  During the 1990’s, we developed, manufactured and marketed a line of specialty biological products targeting a niche market in pituitary hormone and tumor marker diagnostic testing.  While the original manufacturing methods involved the extraction and purification of products from human tissues, we also developed recombinant human proteins and patented technology of cellular immortalization, involving genetic engineering of differentiated cells to generate immortalized cell lines that maintained characteristics of differentiated cells including hormone production.  This technology allows use of the cell lines as the raw material necessary for the manufacture of purified hormones instead of requiring human tissues.  In 2000, we sold the diagnostic antigen business unit to Aspen Biopharma, Inc. (Nasdaq, APPY) and retained intellectual property related to cellular immortalization and purification of follicle-stimulating hormone.

We presently develop and manufacture a series of products based on adult stem cell technology.  These products provide basic tools suitable to a wide variety of stem cell researchers involved primarily with adult stem cells.  Our products include stem cells, media and assay kits to accurately measure stem cell functional status.

We are further distinguished by our focus on a type of adult stem cell known as mesenchymal stem cells, or MSCs that represents the most rapidly growing business sector of stem cell technology based on numbers of patent applications, publications and several other metrics (BioInformatics, Inc.).  MSCs are readily available from a variety of tissue sources and have an ever expanding application to treatment of diseases, injury and uses in regenerative medicine.  For example, MSCs are commonly derived from adipose tissue through a process of fat collection or liposuction followed by enzymatic treatment of fat to extract the MSCs.  The resultant cellular preparation, called the Stromal Vascular Fraction is now subject to numerous clinical trials.  Initial results suggest that SVF shows efficacy in treatment of osteoarthritis, injury to joints, ligaments and tendons.  The clinical studies of SVF are at an early stage but do indicate effectiveness in the treatment of articular injury and disease while these procedures have very limited reports of adverse effects indicating safety.  A further advantage of the use of SVF is that this can readily be obtained and re-administered to the donor further contributing to enhanced safety.  This procedure is referred to as an autologous cellular transplant.

Our Products:

-  Cell Culture Media

-  Cell Lines

-  Cell Measurement Tools

Considering the high volume of products and scientific information related to the company's products, please visit the Web site at, or  please contact vitco company to order a CD .

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