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TPC / The Pipette Company was established in 1999.

We are a specialist manufacturer. We do one thing - manufacture micromanipulation pipettes - and we do it very well.

TPC pipettes are manufactured under the direct supervision of scientists who have been actively involved in reproductive medicine for decades and have published many scientific papers on the laboratory and clinical aspects of micromanipulation techniques and IVF.

Design Principles

TPC offers a standard range of micromanipulation pipettes which have been designed to provide optimal clinical outcomes and minimise oocyte/embryo degeneration rates. Specific design features include:

  1. Long, parallel tapers provide smooth, effortless fluid control during micromanipulation.
  2. The bases of all pipettes are cut square and are lightly heat polished to prevent sharp edges from damaging silicon seals inside microtool holders.
  3. Injection pipettes have a precision engineered 'sharp-blunt' spike which penetrates the zona pellucida easily, but does not tear the oolemma and cause oocyte degeneration. TPC spikes are very consistent and uniform in both shape and length.
  4. Holding pipettes have a large, square, flat face and a proportionately large inner diameter, which provides better support for the oocyte and embryo and reduces distortion during micromanipulation.
  5. Biopsy pipettes have a bevelled, lightly heat-polished tip which enables the pipette to be inserted through a relatively small opening in the zona pellucida and safely remove the blastomere with minimal damage to the embryo or blastomere.
  6. Zona drilling pipettes are square and lightly heat polished to reduce the possibility of damage to the embryo or polar body due to sharp edges.
  7. Zona cutting (PZD) pipettes are stout and sharp, ensuring easy penetration of the zona pellucida.

The TPC Quality Advantage

An ultraclean environment, precision manufacturing, strict rejection criteria and comprehensive QC and QA ensure that TPC pipettes have unparalleled levels of cleanliness, consistency, uniformity and functionality. You receive only the very highest quality pipettes.

That is the TPC quality advantage and that is why TPC sets the standard.

A copy of the TPC Quality Advantage brochure can be downloaded from this website.



Our range of standard pipettes has been designed to produce optimal results for all micromanipulation techniques, including intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), embryo biopsy, polar body biopsy and assisted hatching.

The range includes:

  • Holding pipettes
  • Injection pipettes
  • Embryo biopsy pipettes
  • Zona drilling pipettes
  • Zona cutting (PZD) pipettes

Standard pipettes all have a 1.0 mm tip length and 30 degree bend, but they are also available with 2 bends (Z-shaped) or without any bends (straight). Please note that Z-shaped pipettes are designed for low angle entry and their availability is limited.

Injection and bevelled embryo biopsy pipettes are manufactured for both right and left handed use.

Custom Specifications

If our standard pipettes do not suit your requirements, we can manufacture custom pipettes to your specifications. We maintain stocks of many custom pipettes, so we may already have suitable pipettes in stock. If not, please contact us and provide a custom specification form. We will evaluate your requirements and then contact you as soon as possible.

Pipettes for Other Applications

We also manufacture pipettes for other applications, such as micromanipulation of non-human gametes and embryos, DNA injection into cells, stem cell research and other specialized research applications in the biological and physical sciences. These may be listed on this website as custom pipettes. If not, please contact us and provide a custom specification form.

Precision Engineering

TPC pipettes are precision crafted in Australia to exacting standards by highly trained, full-time specialist technicians who take great pride in their work.

Every stage from materials evaluation through manufacture, testing and packaging is meticulously supervised by scientists with decades of experience in reproductive medicine and micromanipulation.

Pipettes are manufactured from high quality 1.0 mm (OD) borosilicate glass capillaries which are cleaned, extensively rinsed in 18.2 MΩ per cm ultrapure water, and then heat-treated to destroy endotoxins, RNA, DNA and enzymes.

Strict rejection criteria are used during all stages of manufacture.

Pipettes which do not strictly conform to dimensional specifications and standards of cleanliness are rejected without compromise.


TPC pipettes are single packed and gamma sterilised, ready for use.

Every unit package and outer package has a gamma indicator dot which changes colour from yellow to red after irradiation.

We can also supply non-sterile pipettes for research applications.


Pipettes are packaged in protective holders, which are colour coded for easy identification of the different types.

Pipettes are supplied in boxes of 10.



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