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Heal Force Bio-Meditech Holdings Limited is a specialized manufacturer in medical equipment and life science laboratory equipment. Corporate philosophy of “acquiring new acknowledge, solving new problems, adapted to new changes, grasping new opportunities, meeting new challenges "constantly guides development of Heal Force and consolidates progress that Heal Force has made. It is our tradition to cherish and optimize customers’ interests. With professional advantages, sincere attitudes and reliable service, Heal Force has become one of China’s largest-scaled

Industrial groups engaged in medical and laboratory instrument manufacturing and distribution.

Our products are sold in more than 100 countries all over the world.

“Heal Force leads you to healthier life”. The ideal has been integrated into our brand building, product research, development, and service as well as market promotion. It guides Heal Force to achieve the ambition of “provide the world with cost-effective integrated medical and laboratory equipment”.

Heal Force strides ahead hand in hand with our customers for a bright prospect.

Laboratory Equipment :

Biological Safety Cabinet

Laboratory Centrifuge

Water Purification System

CO2/Tri-gas Incubator

Heal Force is a professional laboratory equipment manufacturer in China. We provide a vast array of products, including biological safety cabinet, CO2 incubator, fingertip pulse oximeter, anesthetic machine, and others.

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