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I would like to tell you a short story about the moment, when I started to realize to be an innovative person.

I was a boy of 10 years,visiting elementary school. It was Chrismas time and I had just violin lessons of 3 months behind me. My teacher, he played the violin too, asked me to play with him Chrismas songs in order to celebrate the last day in school prior to Chrismas evening.

When I opened my violin box, I realized, that the bridge of my instrument had been broken. Instead of resignation or even crying I took a knife, a piece of wood – we had wood to fire our oven those days – and after 2 hours I had carved a new bridge and I was able to demonstrate my knowledge on my violin to my colleagues in school.

After performing IVF in a private Institute in Graz, Austria, since 1988, the aim of my inventions in ART is to simplify the egg retrieval procedure for both, patients and physicians, by optimizing the number of eggs, reducing Gonadotrophins and reducing operation time towards milder IVF as well as optimizing the Embryo Transfer Technique.

Our Products:

- STEINER  Flush / Valve

- STEINER Vial Warmer

- STEINER Catheter ETFLEX®-Steiner


Considering the high volume of products and scientific information related to the company's products, please visit the Web site at, or  please contact vitco company to order a CD .

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