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Publish Date : 10/7/2014

 Halotech DNA is a biotech Company that provides products and services to his clients in both the human diagnostic and the veterinarian areas. Halotech specialize in genetics and has industrialized the Sperm Chromatin Dispersion (SCD) test. This patented technology allows the measurement of DNA Fragmentation in an easy and quick manner with no need of complex laboratory equipment. In our company we care about the needs and concerns of our customers. We aim for a deeper understanding of the male fertility issues and for facilitating the decision to most adequate solutions. Through multiple international scientific projects and collaborations, the Halotech´s team focuses intensively in bringing more capabilities within the Halotech Human Diagnostic kits family.

    Today we have included the oxidative stress detection capability along with the DNA fragmentation one. Thus for the doctors, fertility clinics and at the very end for the couples to be provided adjusted solutions

Halotech experts do also apply their knowledge, expertizes and R&D efforts towards the Animal World.

Halotech offers very specific services to veterinarians and specialized breeding. The species range includes from boar, bull or ram to crocodile or camel and laboratory animals such as mice and mouse, as to endangered animal species associations and foundations. Fish and possible applications to fish farming are also included in our portfolio.

Our Products:

- Halosperm®

- Halosperm G2®

- Dynhalosperm®

- Oxisperm®

Considering the high volume of products and scientific information related to the company's products, please visit the Web site at, or  please contact vitco company to order a CD .

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