IKAROS Karyotyping Software

The innovative imaging software Ikaros combines state-of-the-art tools for image acquisition and processing with a workflow based on artificial intelligence (AI) for karyotyping. Together with the congenial case and image management, Ikaros is thus an essential building block for scalable and efficient solutions for cytogenetic imaging.



  • Fast and reliable generation of karyogram suggestions for the expert’s review using artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Continuous logging of processing steps and unlimited access to the original images to facilitate full control of the entire workflow.
  • Various configurations to integrate Ikaros to a stand-alone image acquisition unit, a karyotyping workstation, or a ‘doctor’s review’ workplace with access to patient data and statistics.
  • Support of all common banding techniques for human and non-human chromosomes.
  • Built-in karyogram form editor with idiograms (ISCN 2016) in different resolutions.
  • Editor for combined karyograms with the possibility to edit and annotate individual chromosomes.
  • One-click switching between different capture settings — from brightfield to fluorescence and back.
  • Manual image acquisition with one-click capture, automatic contrast enhancement, and best focus plane selection.
  • Automated image acquisition with the optional Metafer software for metaphase finding.