From our state-of-the-art Australian cleanroom facility, we manufacture micromanipulation pipettes used in in vitro fertilization (IVF) and research applications.

We are focused solely on manufacturing micropipettes, and do so to meet the highest standards of design, uniformity and cleanliness, while delivering exceptional customer service.



At ICSION, we are passionate about micromanipulation pipettes used in assisted reproductive technology.

With decades of experience manufacturing and supplying micropipettes, our team is guided by the objectives of providing best-in-class products and responsive customer service.

We understand the impact that micropipette design, uniformity and cleanliness can have on micromanipulation procedures performed by skilled embryologists.  The vital importance of good clinical outcomes is why ICSION aims to ensure we supply our customers with only the highest quality products.

To achieve this, we manufacture our micropipettes in Australia within a state-of-the-art ISO 14644 certified cleanroom to stringent process requirements encompassing layers of rigorous quality control and quality assurance measurers.  Importantly, we are focused solely on micropipettes and take extreme care in our work.