VITROMED is a leading global company that manufactures high-quality medical devices used during all stages in fertility treatment, from In Vitro Fertilization to embryo development for IVF clinics worldwide. VITROMED  is based in Germany; however, we have global presence through our branches and distributors all over the world. We use our expertise and knowledge to manufacture cutting-edge IVF products that help clinics fulfill couples dream of a baby. In addition, we produce reliable and trustworthy top-notch medical devices for IVF clinics that guarantee the best outcome. We offer multiple premium products for screening techniques, genetic diagnosis, fertility treatment, and associated fertility preservation procedures. We manufacture our products following international standards and best practices.


VITROMED has years of experience in delivering world-class IVF medical devices for its customers worldwide, and the clients are delighted with our products. Similarly, we have an experienced and highly qualified team that works round the clock to produce medical products that guarantees outstanding results. Moreover, we live in a continuously changing world, and every day some new technologies are made, and new research continues. Therefore, we constantly innovate our products to remain up-to-date and to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients. In addition, we are fully committed to producing high-quality products at an affordable and reasonable price to meet our customer wishes and materialize the dream of couples without children effectively and efficiently. Finally, we have a well-trained and highly professional in-house scientific, technical and service team who are always ready to resolve any problem our customers face and provide information regarding our products.