METAFER Automated Slide Scanning System

METAFER Automated Slide Scanning System

Due to Metafer’s modularity and its flexible architecture, it is applicable to a large variety of applications. Around 1,500 Metafer managed scanning platforms are worldwide in use for metaphase finding, processing of FISH signals and toxicological assays, digitization of samples, and much more.



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Metafer managed imaging systems scan specimen of various sizes, use many different contrasting methods and magnifications, and find many different target objects. Due to Metafer’s modularity and its flexible architecture, it is applicable to numerous applications, including cytogenetic diagnosticshematologypathologytoxicologyforensic sciences, and many more.

Of course, automated imaging saves time. But even more important is reproducibility, achieved by applying clearly defined standards to any analysis – slide by slide, experiment by experiment, and patient by patient. This way, smart scanning managed by the Metafer software adds an unbiased degree of quality to your results. Complex analysis systems tend to be cumbersome and difficult to understand. Smart scanning managed by the Metafer software is much different: unlimited access to all data, convenient display of results, and full control of all evaluation parameters guarantee that results are generated exactly the way you want. Slide scanning becomes extremely easy with Metafer.

Each microscopic sample is different: automation of analysis therefore demands flexibility. Metafer’s unique concept provides a powerful solution: user-trainable classifiers precisely define the analysis standards, and with the selection of the appropriate classifier the integrated scanning system is quickly switched to the next assay.

Solutions by MetaSystems grow with demand. Software and integrated hardware are modular, and with higher workloads the level of automation can be increased; optional features such as the SlideFeeder x80, the automated Bar Code Reader, and the automated Immersion Oil Dispenser are easily added upon demand.